Welcome to FoodFactory-4-Us - International student competition game!

NEW EDITION: Upscale or downscale a food supply chain to a national or regional level

ISEKI-Food Association organises International Student Competition Games on various food-related topics and in cooperation with different projects. In the Competitions:

  • Teams from around the world compete to find a real-world relevant solution to a particular food-related challenge or problem.
  • Teams identify, design and develop a solution that can be applied by food industry.
  • Team projects are evaluated by a Board containing academics, food industry and food association representatives; and
  • Winners receive cash prizes and/or invitations to relevant food conferences.

Competitions may be open to undergraduate and/or graduate students and may be with or without the input of faculty tutors. 

We are looking for teams of students in Food study programmes that will work on a project focused on the identification, design and development of solutions and ideas relevant for food industry with specific action on improvement and innovation of food processing as well as quality and safety of foods.