20. Oct. 2022 to 21. Oct. 2022
Hybrid Heraklion

The global food system is the single largest source of greenhouse gasses in the world, and the largest cause of biodiversity loss, terrestrial ecosystem destruction, freshwater consumption, and waterway pollution due to the mismanagement of biocides and nutrients. On top of these deficiencies, approximately 40% of all produced food is wasted throughout the farm to fork continuum, while more than 900 million people remain undernourished.

It is evident that the margin for optimizing the global food system is huge and may unlock pathways towards the stability of the Earth system and the future of humanity.

Recognizing these grand food waste challenges, the RETASTE Conference initiates the dialogue for innovative solutions and optimization schemes that take advantage of the significant opportunities for food waste reduction, reuse, and recycling at all levels of the food life cycle, as well as their scalability and commercial translatability. At the same time, RETASTE strives to address social aspects and highlight ways to overcome social and perception barriers against reducing our environmental footprint, thus shifting the evolving future of social, market, and global megatrends.

Through the effective conservation of natural resources, the strengthening of the social fabric, and the creation of new value chains, RETASTE strives to advance the applicability of Circular Economy concepts.

This year we are aiming for a Hybrid Conference, where participants can choose to attend remotely through the usual tools, or they can alsways travel to the friendly and welcoming Heraklion, which is a lovely place to be in late October.

Our audience includes academia, industry, and stakeholders, and is truly transdisciplinary as the subject dictates. Join us to Rethink Food Waste!

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Join our one-hour webinar that provides the participants the opportunity to learn more about

  • the e-SafeFood project
  • IFA e-learning platform
  • the modelling of cross contamination.

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