05. Nov. 2024 to 08. Nov. 2024
Czech Republic

We are delighted to invite food scientists from academia and industry, representatives of (inter)national agencies, control authorities, governmental and commercial laboratories to attend RAFA 2024.
Since the first edition in 2003, RAFA has grown to become a prestigious event with up to 850 participants from more than 60 countries worldwide. More than 50 sponsors, exhibitors and media partners typically support RAFA.
In line with the concept of the previous events, RAFA 2024 Symposium will provide an overview of contemporary trends in the ANALYTICAL & BIOANALYTICAL STRATEGIES IN FOOD QUALITY AND SAFETY CONTROL and discuss the CHALLENGES AND NOVEL APPROACHES IN FOOD AND NATURAL PRODUCTS ANALYSIS. Following tentative RECENT & EMERGING ISSUES will be addressed in the RAFA 2024 sessions:

   1.    Food additives, healthy nutrients & vitamins
   2.    Food allergens
   3.    Flavour & off-flavours
   4.    Alternative proteins
   5.    Mycotoxins, marine and plant toxins in a changing climate
   6.    Pesticide & veterinary drug residues
   7.    Process induced contaminants
   8.    Environmental contaminants
   9.    Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS)
 10.    Metals & metalloids, including their speciation
 11.    Migrants from food packaging materials
 12.    Micro- and nanoplastics in food

   1.    Food authenticity, fraud and forensics 
   2.    (Multi)omics in food analysis
   3.    Illegal and natural food supplements
   4.    Exposomics & Human biomonitoring
   5.    Sensors & Portable food analysis
   6.    Circularity and sustainability
   7.    Green food analysis
   8.    Next generation sequencing for food quality & safety
   9.    Effect based analysis & bioassays
 10.    Spatially resolved food analysis
 11.    Food legislation requirements for food control
 12.    Artificial Intelligence in food analysis
 13.    QA/QC, Chemometrics & Big data handling


In addition, several SATELLITE EVENTS, SEMINARS AND WORKSHOPS (tentative list) will accompany the RAFA 2024 programme:
Workshops on novel challenges:

  1. Workshop on “Vibrational spectroscopy and chemometrics” 
  2. Workshop on “Smart data handling and AI in food analysis”

Interactive seminar – Be active and learn from each other:

  1. Step by step strategies for a fast development of smart analytical methods

Experts´ summit, EU and beyond:

  1. Session “AOAC INTERNATIONAL: Method Validation & Harmonization” 
  2. Session “Food integrity from an EU – Asia perspective”

EC Reference Laboratories colloquium:

  1. Workshop on “Experiences, achievements and challenges by EU Reference Laboratories”

Workshops & Sessions on EU Framework Programs and other projects:

  1. Workshop on “Opportunities to collaborate in a European research and innovation area”

Vendor seminars & Exhibition:

  1. Vendor seminars introducing recent progress instrumentation and analytical strategies
  2. Exhibition of up-to-date instrumentation, laboratory equipment, screening tests, standards/reference materials, and consumables used in food analysis

For the program updates, abstract submissions, information on exhibition and sponsorship and registration, please visit the RAFA 2024 website at or contact us at


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