14. Nov. 2023 to 17. Nov. 2023
Sava Center Belgrad

On behalf of the Chair of the ENC, Prof. Sladjana Sobajic, we are delighted to invite you to the 14th European Nutrition Conference ENC to be held in Belgrade, Serbia, 14-17th November 2023. ENC is the four-yearly event organized by the Federation of European Nutrition Societies (FENS) and one of its national members. This time the host is the Serbian Nutrition Society. Belgrade was selected at the General FENS Assembly during 13th ENC held in 2019 in Dublin, Republic of Ireland.

Nutrition is always an intriguing and powerful topic, important to the everday lives, health and wellbeing of the entire global population. It is also the center of scientific investigation and the professional mission for thousands of researchers dedicated to uncover the complex mysteries of a balanced, sustainable, and sufficient diet for everyone. The Scientific Committee is preparing an inovative, inspiring and intriguing program that will, under the overall Conference slogan, try to “bring science and practice closer“. Nutrition science research and the use of its results in practice can make significant contribution to the sustainable development goals and to addressing important dietary-related health challenges.

The meeting is planned to be a traditional person-to-person meeting, that we believe all participants would prefer, and it will contain keynote lectures, symposia, educational workshops, interactive sessions, poster presentations, and meet-the-industry sessions of interest for both students and young nutrition professionals. There will be a focus on networking sessions for early career researchers. An exibition will be organized for the stakeholders from food industry. The Conference will be held in the renovated Sava Center that will cordially open its halls, meeting rooms, and foyers to cover all the needs of the delegates, but also providing a warm-hearted, cosy and slightly retro atmosphere well-suited for conversation and socilizing.

Located at the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers, Belgrade „The White Town“ is one of the oldest and largest urban towns on the Balkans. Belgrade is the capital of Serbia, with 1.6 million inhabitants. There is something about Belgrade which attracts people to always visit it again. One of the most famous writers in Serbia, Duško Radović once said: „Whoever had been lucky to wake up in Belgrade this morning, could be satisfied that for today he achieved enough in life. Any further insistence on something more, would be immodest.” We can not fail to mention Serbian traditional cuisine because it contains a myriad of tastes and smells, much owing to the mixture of influences of various peoples who were just passing through or were living in this region. As is the case with the culture in general, this fusion of different influences resulted in originality, so that today a rich Serbian table offers unforgettable tastes.

We hope that the combination of nutrition, science, research, experience, youth, enthusiasm, Belgrade on the banks of two rivers, and tasty Serbian cousine will make 14th European Nutrition Conference a unique and memorable even.

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