• Afam I.O. JIDEANI (University of Venda, South Africa)
  • Victoria JIDEANI (Cape Peninsula University of Technology, South Africa)

Reference contact:

The SIG Postharvest Handling is aimed towards: 

  • postharvest handling and bio-economy of fruits and vegetables, especially for the tropical region
  • exploration of a wealth of innovative ideas and scientific discoveries through inter-, multi- and trans-disciplinary research
  • training in process design and optimization
  • application of advance food processing technology, such as pulsed electric field, plasma technology, etc.
  • creating
    an environment for multi-, inter-, and trans-disciplinary research
  • providing knowledge that is needed to solve real-world problems in
  • technology transfer, especially to female farmers in the areas such as:
    • solar drying processes to obtain high quality dried fruits o solar cooking as a pre-processing step
    • strategic interventions to curb waste
    • identification of indigenous foods with health benefit
    • functional food ingredients in food systems
    • processing and valorization of indigenous plant foods
    • exchange of ideas on indigenous food knowledge

The main objectives of the SIG are the creation of a reference group on Postharvest Handling and the exchange of ideas with the aim to develop relevant research projects. The SIG will be open to all interested people who would like to actively contribute and collaborate. Please register here.

Miscellaneous information:

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