• Prof. Rui Costa, Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra, Portugal

The partners of EQVEGAN project established a Sector Skills Alliance (SSA) here represented as Special Interest Group (SIG) of ISEKI-Food Association.

The SSA intends to:

  • build a strong partnership with the aim of developing and promoting training to meet the needs of the plant-based food industry.
  • support the plant-based food industry to reskill and upskill its workforce and strengthen the sector competitiveness and innovation.

Proposed actions:

  • Continuous monitoring of skills needs. Implement systematic and continuous monitoring to assess the evolution of the sector's skills needs in order to update the available training offer at national or regional level.
  • Improvement of the training offer. Maintain and update the training materials and courses developed within the framework of the EQVEGAN project training. Additionally, Vocational Education and Training and Higher Education members will design curricula and develop training according to the skill needs identified previously. Special attention will be paid to promote work-based and continuous learning.
  • IMPROVE PROFESSIONAL RECOGNITION AND FOSTER TRANSNATIONAL MOBILITY OF WORKERS IN THE FOOD INDUSTRY SECTOR. The professional certification scheme developed in the EQVEGAN project will be implemented. The main objectives of this scheme are to support food industry professionals to demonstrate their competence, which will facilitate advancements in their career, increase their salary, open-up possibilities of mobility, and promote lifelong learning.

The SSA is open to all interested people that would like to actively contribute and collaborate. For more information and/or expression of interest please send email to the contact or register in the form.

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More info about the EQVEGAN Sector Skills Alliance Manifesto.

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